Best AdBlocker For Android - To Stop Pop-Ups and Native Ads

Best AdBlocker For Android – To Stop Pop-Ups and Native Ads

Ads on Android, no doubt are highly irksome to any and every user when using an app. Where from the developer point of view, having in-app ads are crucial to monetizing apps, considering the same from a users perspective is a bit more frustrating and irritating. While you cannot stop using an app just because it is flooded with ads, you can very well integrate pop up blocker for Android to get rid of unwanted and displeasing third-party ads or Google ads.

Though a plethora of apps pledges to provide ad-free premium version, hardly do they stand by their words. So, to ease your concern, we have enlisted a few of the best adblocker for Android that is efficient enough to abide by what it guarantees to attain.

Best AdBlocker For Android – To Stop Pop-Ups and Native Ads

1. Adaway (if rooted)

A simple and efficient ad blocker, Adaway helps users block vexing ads. A request is sent by a file host to the server to transfer all ad request to a false IP ( This is in a way leads to request dangling and block unwanted ads. Along with supporting the customized or modified file host, users can also use a simple host file available on the app. As a matter of fact, Adaway requires a root since the host files are embedded in read-only format. Apart from this, the app is extremely robust and can block ads without degrading the speed of the internet.


  • An open source software that allows you to select your own source for the host files.
  • Users can add exceptions to the whitelist with blocking specific hosts.
  • User can add and define additional hostnames in the whitelist.
  • Users can add their own HOST-IP pair to redirect the app.

Download Adaway


2. AdClear

Similar to Adblocker, AdClear is also a name in the list of the best ad blocker for Android. It is simple and you only need to tap on the screen to activate the app. While the app is running in the background, you can see a pop up on the right corner displaying the total number of blocked ads along with their description. While it incorporates all basic feature of an ad blocker, it also is proficient to block videos ads on YouTube and other channels. The app also allows users to add exceptions for the ads they wish to see or websites and apps from which you seek ads.


  • Blocks encrypted ads.
  • Block video ads
  • Customized filtering of ads
  • Display block ads in the form of a log

Download AdClear


3. Adguard

An excellent app to deter intrusive ads from finding a way to your app, Adgaurd helps improve the user experience while browsing seamlessly. Adguard is regarded as one of the best adblockers for Android as it does not requires a root and at the same time maintaining user privacy and security. In addition to the above, Adguard also restricts illegitimate access to your data or online activities. Adguard is seen to work on VPN or HTTP proxy mode. In order to deter ads from HTTP, all you can do is simply switch to the advanced mode or if you wish to do this manually, you can go to Settings –> HTTPS Filtering and then, turn it ON. Also, Adgaurd deters phishing activities while preventing spammers from intruding in your web activities.


  • Cosmetic page processing
  • Filter apps or browser
  • Saves traffic and also enhance uploading speed.
  • Parental control to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content.

Download AdClear


4. Adblock Plus

An ideal pop up blocker for Android,  Adblock plus is a free to use an extension that enables users to both optimize and monitor their web experience. Right from deterring activity tracking to blocking ads and irrelevant sites, Adblock plus has the propensity to prevent phishing activities. And during all this time, the app never destructs your upload speed. Adblock plus effectively blocks popups, ads, banners, promotional videos, etc to entail users with a seamless browsing experience. This app works well on rooted as well as a non-rooted device through additional work needs to be done for the latter. The fact that the app runs in the background once you initiate its set up, you will never have app crashes.


  • Block malware activities
  • Filter app traffic improving page speed
  • Ensures data privacy and security

Download AdClear


5. DNS66

One of the optimal repository specific ad blockers, DN66 is seen to deploy an encrypted server which can then effectively filter out ads. The app is capable of segmenting ads based on pop-up ads, intrusive ads, app ads, and web ads. What you need to do is download the app, click on Domain Filters and then scroll to Adaway Host Files. In case, there is a prompt stating missing files, you can then open the app from the home screen to download missing files. Once done, the ad blocker is effectively activated. As the name suggests, the blocker allows blocking hostnames using DNS which ultimately blocks intrusive ads.


  • Ensure user security and privacy
  • Establish interface of a VPN and then redirecting the server traffic to the same.
  • Can work without proxy stuff.

Download AdClear

6. Blockada

A free, open source, and considerably faster ad blocker, Blockada is an efficient pop-up blocker for Android. The fact that the app uses VPN API, it does not necessitate the need for root. It is light in weight and helps remove annoying ads without the need to configure the same. Where at one end, the app protects user data from being accessed illegitimately, it also keeps track of the speed navigation by blocking useless downloads. All you need to do is install the app, grant permission and you are all set to use the same. The app runs in the background and so covers all installed apps to block app ads.


  • Free and open source
  • Blocks malware, ads, and malicious acts
  • Filters ad on Android

Download AdClear

7. Block This!

Another in the list of the best ad blocker for Android,  Block This is capable of blocking ads and at the same time improve the efficiency of web browsing. Also, the app is seen to promote the speed of your usage and decrease the battery consumption of the device. Where other ad blockers need to be activated every time you switch your phone on, block this has an option to automate this activity. While the app is free, you can donate if you wish. You can do this by downloading third-party apps, donate directly on PayPal or support the app one Patreon.


  • Automatically blocks ad on power up.
  • Removes unwanted trackers, codes, and scripts that add ads in the app.
  • Improve speed and reduce battery consumption

Download AdClear

8. Brave Browser

The ideal choice for blocking ads and at the same time safeguarding the privacy of your data, brave browser is what we exactly call it to be. It enforces HTTP request layering greater control over the cookies. Further ad blocking is proven to improve battery life and also enhance the overall performance.


  • One tap ad blocker
  • Ensures privacy

Download AdClear


9. Adblock Browser For Android

The official browser of the Adblock team, Adblock browser has been tailored to block all those vexing ads that get on your nerves every time you visit a webpage. The browser appears to be highly motivated by Mozilla Firefox. With the visual appearance same, the browser even clones the style. Bookmarks, incognito browsing, multiple tabs or translate, you would find all in the Adblock browser. Though this may question the need of a different browser, yet the word Adblock adjacent to the term browser is what makes this browser a preferred choice among all.

To be precise, the browser has an option where you can select which ads you want to block. Also, the browser helps users to create a list where you can add web pages on which you don’t want to block any of the ads. And not just this, the blocker intervenes all sort of ads( text, banner, video).


  • Enhanced privacy protection.
  • Reduce battery consumption
  • A reliable source for ads blocking.

Download AdClear

10. Disconnect

Browsing and being blocked by ads, now this is something that happens every now and then. The disconnect is one of those ad blocking tools which aids blocking unwanted sites and at the same time leverage the performance of the system. It gives users the freedom to choose which ads to be blocked preventing battery drainage. With the aim of enhancing the browsing experience, developers of disconnect have incorporated features of full tracking and VPN protection to provide an extra line of security to the users. While users are free to attain the basic version of the app that ensures browser and app security, one can also avail a premium version of the software to add another layer to their browsing experience. Disconnect pro is only for the Samsung user’s whereas Disconnect premium is for all mobile devices.


  • Improve bandwidth
  • Encapsulates user privacy
  • VPN protection
  • Samsung specific features

Download AdClear

11. NetGaurd

A simple and intuitive popup blocker for Android,  NetGaurd has an interface where users can simply add web pages or applications where they wish to block ads. Feeding a list of sites and then granting access to the internet can prevent unwanted ads to display on the screen. You need not root your device to block ads. If you opt for the pro version, then you can unlock features of filtering network traffic. This enables you to filter out the exact traffic which you wish to keep away. Entire internet access is not restricted and only selective application in a specific address gets blocked.


  • Leveraged privacy
  • Improve accessing speed
  • Pro version allows users to view traffic log.
  • Does not require root.
  • Open source and user-specific interface

Download AdClear


12. AppBrain Ad Detector

Working as one of the best ad blockers for Android,  appBrain ad detector prevents mobile devices from spyware and the unwanted ads that get on your nerves time and again. The blockers have the capability to scan apps for existing spyware, spam ads, push notifications, etc. This way all the adware are notified by the blocker and you can seamlessly block the ones that intrude your privacy. And the list of benefits provided by this ad blocker does not end here. It has the scrutinize an app on 70 different aspects narrowing down every possibility of your system being bogged down by ads.


  • Deter intrusion of annoying ads
  • Find a list of apps that can access device data.
  • Blocks spam ads on both browser and applications.

Download AdClear

13. Adguard Content Blocker

The Adguard content blocker has been designed to keep away all your apps from unwanted, distressing ads. Now, this ain’t for any browser but the ones that later themselves on top of content blocker technology. They are basically the ones of Samsung and Yandex. True that this appears to be a lot more restrictive as compared to Adguard for Android, yet it is simple and works seamlessly with device’s it has been designed for.


  • Blocks ads effectively on browsers that support content blocker technology.
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Does not require rooting.

Download AdClear

14. TrustGo Ad Detector

Many times we see in-app ads seeking your personal information. This is in a way questions the privacy of your data. To ease this problem, TrustGo ad detector scans through different apps on your device preventing unauthorized access to vital information. It further prevents identity leaks that might happen when ads get displayed on the screen.


  • Easy to use
  • Blocks ads on all devices
  • Adds a layer to your apps preventing data leaks.
  • Enlist apps that threaten your privacy

Download AdClear


15. YuBrowser With Ad Filtration

Why use a separate app to block when you can do the same with a browser. A two in one ad blocker, YuBrowser is capable of filtering your web search from ads, rendering ad-free browsing. It not only blocks vexing ads but at the same time provide seamless browsing experience with enhanced search results.


  • Optimized search results
  • Blocks privacy intriguing ads
  • Ensures safe browsing

Download AdClear


While there are many more but if you are looking for the best and the most efficient pop-up blocker for Android, then refer to the ones given above.  Given the pace at which Adblockers are being used to deter interference of tormenting ads, it is worthy enough to have one for your device.

While there are many more but if you are looking for the best and the most efficient pop-up blocker on Android, then refer to the ones given above.

Block system-wide ads without using any plugin on smartphone

Note: Private DND on Android Pie

If you have Android pie, then you would not even need an ad blocker. This can be done effectively from the phone setting as:

  • Settings – > Wifi & Internet – > Private DNS
  • Select “Private DNS provider hostname” and
  • Type –

This is also capable of blocking ad in a browser without hampering your browsing activities.

Block Ads in All Android Apps Without Root or Excess Battery Drain [How-To]


  • Geeta Rathore

    Thansk for the amazing list of adblockers apps for Android. My Redmi Note 7 Pro is giving me headaches with repeatitive ads all over the phone, I might try one of them.

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  • Jason Dafeon

    Blokada is my personal favourite adblocker and DNS manager for my new OnePlus 7 handset. Never needed to look back after installing it from the official website. One thing that was confusing at first was that why the app on Google Play Store and official website are so different in layout and menu, can you guys please help me here?

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